Moonlight Audio Theatre is thrilled to announce the launch of their new Website and Premium Membership.

Since its inception in 2011 Moonlight Audio Theatre has been continuously evolving and is now offering a NEW Premium Membership showcasing outstanding productions by the Colonial Radio Theatre, Radio Repertory Company of America, The Great Northern Audio Theatre, Voices In The Wind Audio Theatre and The Wireless Theatre Company with more on the way.

For only $1.99 for one month or $4.99 for six months or $9.99 for one full year you’ll have unlimited access to some of the best audio drama productions and series such as The Father Brown Mysteries, Beacon Hill, Garson Krebs-Private Eye, Flight of The Bumble Bee, Perry Mason, A Christmas Carol, Alice In Wonderland, Jarrem Lee-Ghost Hunter, Martian Trombone and the wonderful British Comedies and Dramas. Our inventory of Premium Shows is constantly growing for your listening pleasure!

Moonlight Audio Theatre is Your One Stop Portal to the very best in Premium and Free audio drama programming. The ideal companion to take along on long drives and commutes, family vacations, to the workplace or for sitting around the pool with your favorite beverage.

Go ahead and immerse yourself in a sonic environment of sound and imagination! A world of Mystery, Suspense, Drama, Comedy, Thrillers, Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Family and Special Features await you.

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David Farquhar, Producer

Moonlight Audio Theatre