About Us

Moonlight Audio Theatre was conceived in January 2011 and initially offered twelve audio dramas to download. Since then that number has grown considerably and now features the full listening spectrum covering all genres. The vision behind Moonlight Audio Theatre was to create a one stop portal where the best in free audio drama programming could be easily accessed 24/7/365 by the emerging mobile Smartphone user and via the Internet. Essentially, we wanted to create a Click and Play or Click and Download environment whereby access to the shows would be instantaneous and without the usual pre-show banter. Since Moonlight Audio Theatre is not based upon a radio show format we are not restricted to any time constraints and thus can offer shows anywhere from fifteen to ninety minutes in length. This is a very neat feature especially for those who love to listen to audio dramas on long drives or commutes.

Since its inception Moonlight Audio Theatre has been continuously evolving and to that end we are pleased to announce our NEW Premium Membership showcasing productions by the Colonial Radio Theatre, Radio Repertory Company of America, The Great Northern Audio Theatre and The Wireless Theatre Company. Their shows are all top notch and professionally produced. We are charging only a nominal fee of $1.99 for one month, $4.99 for six months or $9.99 for twelve months to access these shows. Of course we will still be offering and updating our free shows as well.

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If you enjoy listening to our audio drama shows featured on Moonlight Audio Theatre, please spread the word so that others may enjoy these entertaining stories.

David Farquhar, Producer


Moonlight Audio Theatre Podcast Offers Exceptional Audio Drama Programs From The Following Production Companies And The List Is Growing!